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What is a FIT Test? How do I use it?

A colon cancer screening FIT test, also known as a fecal immunochemical test (FIT), is a non-invasive screening method used to detect the presence of blood in the stool. It is designed to identify early signs of colon cancer or precancerous conditions in the colon, such as polyps.

If the FIT results are positive, indicating the presence of blood in the stool, further diagnostic tests, such as a colonoscopy, are typically recommended to determine the cause of the bleeding and to evaluate the colon for the presence of polyps or cancerous growths.

On completing your appointment with CanScreenBC you will be emailed requestion to pick up your free FIT test from a participating lab. All samples should then be returned within 7 days. There a re no dietary restrictions or preparations required before your test.

Before you start your test please remember to document your details on the collection tube. The test is completed by collecting a small sample of your stool. With your kit you will receive a piece of tissue to place over the toilet seat to collect your sample. This is completed using the scraping stick provided which is attached to the top of the collection bottle. Do not overfill the bottle and do not let the stool be contaminated by either urine or water. If you can not return your sample to the lab on the same day the sample should be kept refrigerated. Remember to return your sample within 7 days.

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