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Our Story

With local B.C. clinic wait times reported as some of the worst in the country and approximately 1,000,000 people without a primary care provider in the province, access to preventative cancer screening is limited and often not prioritized. CanScreenBC is the first dedicated cancer screening clinic in B.C. and aims to provide easy access to routine cancer screening services that are publically-funded and available. 


CanScreen’s goal is to offer screening to all B.C. residents with a focus on patients who do not have a family doctor or nurse practitioner, or to those who are unable to reach their primary care provider. All screening tests we arrange are evidence-based and in keeping with current guidelines from BC Cancer. In reducing barriers to screening, we hope that cancers can be identified at an earlier stage so that affected patients will have better treatment outcomes. 


Owned and operated by family physicians, we aim to offer a streamlined virtual service that gives you the right information in a timely fashion. Following screening test completion and review, patients will receive a dedicated follow-up of their results, appropriate referrals if necessary, and a summary of future screening recommendations. As our service grows, we hope to add other physicians and allied health providers with a dedicated focus on preventative care. 


Screening is ultimately a personal choice. With easier access and up-to-date information relevant to your personal health background, we aim to empower you in your health care journey. 

To learn more about CanScreenBC listen Dr. Brian Goldman interview \ Dr. Stuart Bax on the CBC radio show White Coat Black Art

Meet the Team

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