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Revolutionizing Cervical Health: HPV Testing to Replace Pap Smears in BC

Updated: Oct 3, 2023


In a significant stride towards advancing women's health, British Columbia (BC) has embraced a groundbreaking change in its cervical cancer screening program. Soon the traditional Pap smear test will be replaced with HPV testing as the primary method of cervical cancer detection. This move will allow for patients to access self testing kits which can be performed at home and prevent the need for traditional Pap testing for most patients.

The Pap Smear Legacy

For decades, the Pap smear has been the cornerstone of cervical cancer screening. It involves collecting cells from the cervix and examining them under a microscope for any abnormalities that could indicate pre-cancerous or cancerous conditions. While the Pap smear has undoubtedly saved countless lives, it has its limitations. Invasive examinations on a semi regular basis, false negatives, where the test misses abnormalities, and false positives, which lead to unnecessary follow-up procedures, have been persistent issues.

Enter HPV Testing

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) has been identified as the primary cause of cervical cancer. Unlike the Pap smear, which detects abnormal cervical cells, HPV testing directly identifies the presence of high-risk HPV strains that may lead to cervical cancer. This means that HPV testing can offer an early and accurate prediction of a woman's risk for developing cervical cancer. In doing so it can identify those patients who need to have a Pap test or colposcopy follow up.

Advantages of HPV Testing

  1. Enhanced Accuracy: HPV testing identifies the root cause of cervical cancer, allowing for a more precise assessment of a woman's risk.

  2. Reduced Anxiety: The potential for false positives, which often leads to invasive procedures for further evaluation, is significantly reduced with HPV testing. This can spare unnecessary stress and medical interventions.

  3. Reduced need for invasive examinations: The HPV test is completed in the privacy of your own home. Only those with positive results will need to have a Pap or colposcopy review.

  4. Customized Care: HPV testing can identify the specific strains of HPV present, enabling healthcare providers to tailor their approach based on a woman's unique risk profile.


The future adoption of HPV testing as the primary method for cervical cancer screening in BC represents a step towards more accurate, personalized, and effective healthcare. This shift has the potential to prevent more cases of cervical cancer, spare unnecessary procedures, and ultimately save lives. Should you have questions about HPV testing or any other cancer screening recommendations book an appointment at

HPV Testing

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