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Breast Cancer Screening Awareness

According to recent data, breast cancer continues to be the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women in British Columbia. In 2021, an estimated 3,400 women were diagnosed with breast cancer, accounting for approximately 26% of all new cancer cases in the province. It is worth noting that breast cancer can also affect men, albeit at significantly lower rates.

Early detection plays a critical role in improving breast cancer outcomes. Regular breast cancer screening through mammography and self-examination can help identify abnormalities at an early stage when treatment options are often more effective and less invasive. The Canadian Cancer Society recommends that women aged 50-74 undergo breast cancer screening every two years as part of routine screening. However, individual risk factors may warrant earlier or more frequent screenings, which should be discussed with a member of the CanScreenBC team or your regular primary care provider.

Doctors wearing Breast Cancer Ribbons

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