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CBC Radio's Dr. Brian Goldman talks' to Dr. Stuart Bax on Cancer Screening and CanScreenBC.

"White Coat, Black Art" is a compelling CBC podcast hosted by Dr. Brian Goldman. The podcast delves into the intricate world of healthcare, offering listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the medical field. With a focus on diverse perspectives, "White Coat, Black Art" goes beyond clinical aspects, exploring topics like cultural competency and mental health.

For its episode airing December 15th, 2023 Dr. Goldman talks to B.C. family physician Dr. Stuart Bax co-founded of They review some of the challenges in accessing cancer screening services and how CanScreenBC is assisting people in getting screened and follow-up care.

Educational and informative, the podcast serves as a platform for change, advocating for positive reforms within the healthcare system. Dr. Goldman's skillful storytelling makes this podcast a valuable resource for healthcare professionals and the general public, fostering a deeper understanding of the human side of medicine.

To listen to the podcast follow the link here

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